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Objects and Judaica

Exotic materials and intricate methods of work characterize projects found in this section. Many of these one-of-a-kind pieces have a unique historical story to tell as well. Who was the founder of the radiation center at Hadassah Hospital? Was anything salvaged from the Sephardic synagogue following the Jordanian attack on Jerusalem during Israel's 1948 War of Independence? Every item displayed here embodies a story about a people, a person, a community, an era, a tradition or a heritage worth telling.

Most of these objects were created for the purpose of displaying beauty or glory and are not normally used or handled on a daily basis. This of course influences the methods a restorer might choose to use, and brings into play the basic guidelines: keep intervention to a minimum. Preservation is probably the main principle in working on these projects. Preserve and conserve rather than intervene in a manner that damages the integrity of the object by distorting evidence of its historical past.

There is an Italian term used to describe a valuable piece that has lost its value: ‘Molto toccato’. Excessively touched or “too much intervention” by restorers over the years would be the English translation. Consulting my teacher and mentor where I apprenticed in Florence, Italy (Simone Chiarugi) about one of the projects on this page is where I first heard of this term. In his opinion some materials were replaced and new ones inserted. This of course reduced the value of the piece in question.

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Restoration of Antique Judaica - Persian Torah Case

Antique Persian Torah Case

Restoration of Antique Judaica - Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

Judaica |  Chanuka Lamp | Restoration | Jeremy Zetland

Chanukah Lamp from Djerba, Tunisia

Antique Restoration - Ebony Statues

Ebony Statues from Africa

Antique Judaica Restoration - Sephardic Torah Case

Antique Sephardic Torah Case

Antique Furniture Restoration - Italian Stipo Ebony Desk

Stipo - Italian Ebony Writing Desk

Antique Furniture, Game Table Restoration

Damascus Game Table

Restorating Wooden Sculpture

Wooden Sculpture

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