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Simone Chiarugi, Firenze, May 2001

The restorer Jeremy Zetland took part in courses of restoration and apprenticed at my workshop between the years 1998 and 1999. In this period of time he had the opportunity to acquire the best restoration and conservation techniques of furniture and wooden objects. In my workshop he practiced and took part in restoration of important projects, some of which came from the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In his work he earned my appreciation while demonstrating technical ability and organizational capacity. (Translated from the Italian.)

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Amnon Bar Or

I want to express my appreciation for your professional restoration work on the original wooden details of buildings that I and my firm were restoring in Tel Aviv on Shenkin Streets. Your efforts and expertise produced excellent final results. I am very satisfied with the restoration, even some years since the jobs were completed.

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Mary Gilben (former Chairman, Christies, Tel Aviv)

 Jeremy Zetland was recommended to me several years ago as a reputable furniture restorer. He restored for me a water-damaged and cracked c.1825 English folding port table. The result was excellent. The water damage was no longer noticeable and the patina of the table top surface was as it was when I bought the piece. I have recommended him to friends and clients and they have all been satisfied with the results.


Alex Meitlis - Architecture & Design

Jeremy restored a large Art Deco piece of furniture for me that was in a terrible state. The piece was returned to me was beautiful, stable and with new life and a good deal of respect. Today this cabinet occupies a central place in my offices. Jeremy's work lived up to my high expectations and I would recommend him as an expert furniture restorer to all.

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Amikam Berger, VP Engineering,
The White City Building Co

I wish to comment most positively on the restoration work carried out to the most stringent standards on the entranceway to the building at 65 Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv. At the beginning you received wooden elements from the original entrance that were practically unidentifiable, that were never considered as usable in any way because of their poor condition. You succeeded to restore them to their "new", original and beautiful state and to install them with great expertise at the building site. We certainly intend to work with you again in the future.

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Gil Hovav

I approached Jeremy to restore a Damascus rocking chair that was part of my grandmother's dowry that included many carvings and mother of pearl inlay. The chair (and my mood) were at a low. After about a month (in Jeremy's shop) I got the chair back, completely restored, beautifully refinished and absolutely useful as a rocking chair. In addition to the precise craftsmanship, Zetland provided me with a history of the chair and its style, an estimate of its value, and a few anecdotes.  What really won me over was Zetland's immediate reaction on seeing the chair – he fell in love with it – and didn't stop caressing it. And as he told me in his colorful way of speaking: "I used to be a social worker. I rehabilitated people. Later on I became a restorer. The work is similar, only now my patients are much nicer."


William L. Gross, Judaica Collector

I have known Jeremy Zetland as a professional furniture restorer and conservator since he returned from his studies in the field in Italy. He has restored several pieces of our furniture, including an extremely rare Italian chair that probably dates from as early as the 18th century. These pieces are proudly displayed in our home and we have had no hesitation about recommending Jeremy to others who have sought our advice about such conservation work. Additionally, I am a Judaica collector of 40 years experience. Jeremy has restored several wooden objects from my collection that required the most delicate work and attention. Each item has been returned to me in a superb state and to my complete satisfaction. Jeremy's work adheres to the very highest standards in the field. He always accepts complete responsibility for his work and the satisfaction of his clients.

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Revital Gabriel

We recently shipped our furniture from England and discovered on its arrival in Israel that many items were damaged in transit. We were initially unable to find a reputable restorer and were referred to Jeremy Zetland by our insurer who said he had been highly recommended. Jeremy turned up at our house to check the damage and we immediately felt comfortable with his good manners and professional approach. As expected, he did a neat and professional job restoring the damaged pieces to their original beauty. We have only good words to say about his work and gladly recommend him for any project involving furniture restoration.


Jackie Milliner

Just a few words to express my appreciation for the unique craftsmanship and faultless service you have provided in restoring furniture both for my own home and for the ambassadorial residence where I work. You have a vast understanding of wood, its finish and design, and are always willing to advise and share your knowledge – no job is too big or too small. Your attention to detail – on modern furniture as well as antique pieces – is excellent. I very much look forward to working with you again.Many thanks.

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